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I am a Veteran outdoor leadership mentor and wilderness guide with a coding addiction. Looking to be a full time coder.
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Adrnlnjnky's Daily(ish) Blog Post

Today I spent several hours working on my weather app. Now I should explain
that the weather app is my punching bag. When I work on new concepts or
projects I like to then go try them out on that project. Today I migrated the
project to the Gin framework and rebuild the recording fucntions. I record
weather from three locations. When I was done I deleted it all.

And I gotta say that wasn't easy because I deleted more lines than I wrote.
Which is exactly why I did it. Let me see if I can explain. The code I wrote
today wasn't hard in fact refactoring and shrinking code is really fun and I
felt great watching the code become easier to read and better organized.

When I was done I jumped around the program and looked at what I had done, I
though about pushing it all up; then I though, is this really what I want to
push up? How long did that take me? Could I do it better? I also had this
though creep into my head, something I heard CodingGarden (a twitch streamer)
say, code roulette. And I did a pull instead of a push. Maybe tomorrow I'll
keep what I write.

Thanks for reading
and remember:
Smile it might hurt!

Tom Peltier

This has been another SmokingEars Production!!

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