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Discussion on: Creating a global configurable shortcut for MacOS apps in Swift

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Not only figured that out. I got the shortcut thing AND the window/popup issues sorted out and finally both up and running now. And that's only because of your help. Thank you. Again and again :)
There are only 2-3 little things left.
Another good thing is that not everything is different from iOS. I just learned that UserDefaults work the exact same way. At least this was a hattrick scored within seconds, hehe.
Phew... by the way: if you don't understand any things I write feel free to ask. Just a German digging in pale memories of English lessons from over 25 years ago, haha.

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Mitch Stanley Author

That's great to hear! And yeah being able to share code between iOS and MacOS is really handy :).

Don't worry your English seems pretty good to me, I didn't even noticed until the screenshot you sent had German in it, haha :D.