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Describing the times we fail is even more powerful than the times we win :)

As someone before me wrote, you can't satisfy everyone, but to satisfy the biggest amount of people possible get their feedback and fast. Small batches are the key here. Deliver little functionality in a short time then start to work on the next part.

When I did an internal project for HR department I asked them lots questions about how they want the stuff to work. I showed the how the app worked till now so when something wasn't ok I could quickly readjust without throwing out to much of an app.

Lot's of people are still lost in development because they want to deliver a great product in one go. Bot how are you tell your product is great without people using them in the first place? Get them something to use before you're all ready to go.

When you work alone... have you ever tried to start an inside company community: there are people willing to work for few hours a week for free just to learn something new :) I'd go for that chance if someone gave it to me :)


Thanks for the suggestions Aga! Short delivery spans probably can help for not falling in love with code or features. Community driven projects can also work and I'll try it on my next project! Thanks!!

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