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Helder S Ribeiro • Edited on

Hi everyone! I'm a freelance frontend engineer from Brazil and I work 100% remotely for clients in the Bay Area.

I do mostly JavaScript, React, and Gatsby. I also wrangle Markdown(s) and Pandoc for people publishing books and courses.

I love entrepreneurship and plan to transition to having my own teaching/software products as I gain more experience.

I feel very strongly about software as a tool to amplify user agency and protect user freedom and consent, so I've been very excited about recent trends in #PrivacyTech and the market demand for privacy-respecting and privacy-enhancing software. I have hope that we as an industry can move away from malvertising and avertracking and find better paths to financial sustainability. I'm rooting for the Brave browser as a trailblazer in that space.

After Spacemacs, I think the Web is the best thing ever ;)

Nice to meet y'all and hope to learn a lot and help out however I can. Feel free to reach out.