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Discussion on: The Insecure Developer

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Agis 👨‍💻 Author • Edited

Totally see what you say there Alan, but I'm sure that If I was good to this kind of problems I would have the same opinion about them. I think giving someone a project to work on/ improve or find a bug will be more valuable to them than this coding puzzles. With that said, I'm even though I don't like such challenges I'm trying to improve and become better! P.s Thanks for the resource Alan, I'm gonna dig into this 🤓

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Alan Campora

Of course! Solving puzzles just shows one part of the skills you have. But it's not enough because is not possible to see how a person will work with other people, and many other skills that are so important while you're working. Anyway, in many companies the first filter is to show how you can solve this kind of exercises. But don't feel bad, they are difficult for all of us!