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I've also been looking into Heroku. For a client project it might be fine, but it seems quite cost-prohibitive for side-projects. US$25 for a 512MB RAM Dyno is quite a lot when you could get a similar sized droplot from Digital Ocean for US$5

Heroku does seem VERY convenient though, which is probably where the premium pricing comes in.


Absolutely, you pay for the ease of use and costs do add up (a decent PostgreSQL add-on is $50). But I always start with a free dyno, and then upgrade to the $7/month option for personal projects. And clients appreciate the easy access to monitoring, logs, rebooting the dynos, etc. Also super easy to transfer ownership of the whole app when you're done with it.

All that said, I spun up a personal project on AWS last month and just got a $70 bill! Heroku's expensive, but more predictable and transparent than AWS.

Wow, $70 does seem excessive! Does AWS at least provide a proper audit trail for the costs? If I got an excessive bill like that, I would be worried whether my AWS keys got leaked somehow. xD

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