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Discussion on: How to apply your coding skills to turn yourself into a self-made millionaire

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Andrew Grothe

One of the most important things to remember is that ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is what separates dreamers from doers. About 16 years ago I had a idea that was essentially a combination of twitter and quora. I didn't execute.

It's been said over again but find a problem, validate that others have the same problem, solve it and then plan and execute. It sounds easy, is an order of magnitude harder, totally doable and forever rewarding. Entrepreneurship is not for the undecided, but so very rewarding!

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Stefanni Brasil Author

Yeah!!! Thanks for sharing, Andrew. Ideas are only ideas, nothing more if you don't put them in action. Good luck on your projects, the best!

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Also as important is timing. Even had you executed, there could have been a myriad of reasons why it wasn't the right time for the product. And let's not forget about luck!