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Mostafa Ahangarha
Mostafa Ahangarha

Posted on • Originally published at misses Open Source definition

I just joined As usual, I look for things related to Free/Libre software. I realized there is a tag for OpenSource and if I try to make a see tag page for FreeSoftware, it redirects me to OpenSource. That is OK I try to understand it, but quickly something very wrong took my attention: the definition provided for the tag was wrong!

Wrong definition of Open Source on

Open Source came to provide an alternative term to avoid confusion over the meaning of Free Software (free as in freedom, not free beer). Despite having clear official definition, many people take open-source literally as software with publicly available code. Providing the source code is the second of the 10 conditions for software to be considered as Open Source one. I do strongly suggest going through the definition and reading all the 10 criteria.

Here my question is why does a platform like send such a wrong message about Open Source definition? I try to contact admins and I hope to see change.

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