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How to gain experience without work ?

Here I will be discussing some ways in which you can gain experience and be job-ready, let’s start.

nowadays, it’s difficult to find a job without any previous experience, but we need a job to gain experience and we need experience to get a job, what will end to an infinite loop, so let’s break the loop, and find another suitable solution.

Find an internship.

  • Let’s classify internships into 2 main categories:-
  • Real Internships: in which you will be working with a real team on a real project, save your time and start seaching for them on LinkedIn and Internshala.
  • Virtual Internships: in which you will be working alone on virtual projects, you can start looking for them now on Forage, TheSparksFoundation and LetsGrowMore.

Find a team and build a project together.

  • Being in a team, will let you share your experience with others and gain experience from them, let’s start looking for a team on LinkedIn or Chingu.

Contribute to open source project.

  • Contributing to an open source project will make you aware about how large projects are built and how a team can collaborate to build them, if you are interested about this kind of experience, check UpForGrabs and CodeTriage.

Be a volunteer.

Participate in community activities.

Participate in competitions.

Build a large network and share your thoughts with them.

That’s all, paying attention to these points will help your gain experience and be job-ready.

Start building your network now, and connect with me on LinkedIn.

You can find & contact me on LinkedIn, GitHub, and Facebook, and here is my portfolio for more details about me.

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