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Discussion on: Universal next gen css-in-js library in under 1kb

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Ahmed Musallam

Thinking abut it a little more.. CSS uses brackets {} which are also used for expressions in JSX.. maybe there is a better alternative.

I always wondered how Vue implements it's Single File Component

for example this vue file:

  <h1> {{msg}} </h1>

  export default {
     data () {
       return {
         msg:"hi there!"

    font-size: 45px

I bet Vue has it's own file loader/parser to extract all the template, script and css then scope that css. Because this file isn't JSX or any other nodejs library I know of...

Anyway, just thoughts.. need to research more :)

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Sadick Author

You are right Vue has a parser

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Mattia Astorino

Just html, css and js. No more abstractions