New Improvements & Product Hunt Launch

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We've been working hard on AirSend over the past few months, and we wanted to share some of AirSend's biggest improvements and best functionalities.

You can now take advantage of:

Unlimited free voice/video calls and screensharing - Call your team members and clients directly in AirSend Channels.

Public Channels for customer support - Startups, SMBs, professionals, or anyone else can easily make a public chatroom to gather feedback and answer questions on their products or services.

Built-in Wiki to keep notes - Each Channel has a built-in Wiki with full Markdown and Latex support to create perfectly formatted notes.

Built-in file storage (free up to 100GB) - Store and organize your files directly within Channels with unlimited automatic versioning.

Desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux - Enough said here. :)

G-Suite and Office 365 integration - Easily send emails from Gmail to AirSend with our free G-suite add-on, and collaborate on documents with AirSend’s Office 365 Integration.

And that’s what we’ve been working on over the past 6 months. Thank you again for your continued support!

In other news, we've launched on Product Hunt! Please head over to Product Hunt and upvote us so that more people can find and enjoy AirSend!



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