Discussion on: What are signs that you should quit your job?

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Ajay Karwal

For me its all about Culture and Passion.

You work on average 40 hours per week so you want to spend that time doing something you're passionate about and be surrounded by a motivating culture.

As a front-end dev, I'm passionate about learning new skills, following industry news and making a difference in people's experiences. I couldn't work in a team where the people around me don't share the same enthusiasm about their chosen profession and treat their job as just a means to pay the bills.

For many people a job is just a job and come 5:30pm they don't give a damn about whether they've grown as a person that day or not, but for me, every day where I didn't take a step forward in my career I may as well have taken a step backwards.

Don't become a developer if you don't have a passion for developing.