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Discussion on: Set up Jupyter Notebook in VS Code for Data Science (Updated 2020)

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Ajeet Yadav Author

Try JupyterLab once you insall Anaconda. You will fall in love with it.
Here is how it looks.

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Alara Oluwatoyin Joel

Jupyter lab seems more intuitive than Jupyter notebooks although i got both of them to work offline

What I am trying to wrap my head around now is the whole environments thing in anaconda.

It seems to me that packages are different from the tools(Matplotlib, NumPy ... ) (Jupyter, kite, Ipython ...)
So the tools are always available in every environment, but the packages have to be installed I think, as they are only available in the base environment, which isn't encouraged to be worked on.

My question is, when we install a package (say numpy), that is already in the base environment, is it installed fresh from the internet, or is it just copied over from the base conda environment. ?

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Ajeet Yadav Author

If you are using Anaconda distribution, you don’t need to separately installing NumPy or any of the major packages , like pandas, Scikit-Learn... To use NumPy, you just run the command import numpy as np.

But if you have not installed Anaconda, but you have Python installed, in that case you have to install it using conda install numpy or pip install numpy. Installing will require an internet connection this time. Then you will import it - import numpy as np