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How to Check an Apple ID is Registered to a Developer Account

This post is valid for an organization that is a member of the Apple Developer Program.

Registration to an Apple Developer account and having the Developer role is required when using automatic signing in XCode.

Checking Accounts

To check, launch Xcode. From the menu items, click Xcode > Preferences and choose the Accounts tab.

Your Apple ID is registered to a developer account if the Team shows the correct Apple Developer account and the Role is Developer.

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Assigning Developer Role

To assign a user to the Developer role, sign-in to App Store Connect. Only an Apple ID with Account Holder or Admin role can edit a user's role.

In App Store Connect, navigate to Users and Access and choose the user's Apple ID. Under Roles, tick Developer and under Additional Resources, enable Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

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