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re: I don't agree. What about Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects? Are they garbage? I don't think so, yeah they sure have some funding, but the informati...

Wikipedia is running out of money, displaying donate $5 frequently on many pages. I am not against it, running it is a difficult task. I agree that some data like IP location, geo location, address lookups, many things like dictionary should be free, but all are behind paywalls.

Recently Github started blocking access to some country users due to export restrictions imposed by US, I really want information to be available for free like you do, but being in business for long years, it is hard to maintain free stuff.

  1. You don't get enough contributors. People run after big names, oh... facebook made react, every body starts contributing...
  2. No body appreciates information and knowledge
  3. Wikipedia is great, but more people are on facebook because money is there for everyone

I agree with you that it should be open, all I am saying it is hard to do it, you please start, people will join.

That is true, and it's challenging to maintain for free if not impossible in the long term.

Recently Github started blocking access to some country users due to export restrictions imposed by US

Yes, I heard something about that, I think Iran had some issues with this. I hate these kinds of restrictions... makes me feel sick.

I liked the points you made. People follow the masses. And what is cool at the moment.

I'm contemplating the idea of setting up some kind of free Spanish dictionary, most likely hosted on GH as to reduce costs and make it easy for collaboration.

How about an app where users download/contribute and search? Contribution from non developer users will be more important than putting it on Github, what I would recommend is, making an app, approving entries and then publishing those entries in Github.

Yeah, I thought about that. Not a bad idea. The tough part is how to convince people to contribute, though.

Maybe a game-like website where users try to add as many words as they know, and then have some kind of verification process before adding them to the list. Make it into some sort of competition might give people the motivation to contribute.

I will think about this. Thanks for the idea :)

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