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Discussion on: 4 Takeaways (mistakes) From my First Big Javascript Project

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Akash Kava

Four take away from other side,

  1. I did Vue because it was very popular
  2. I wrote too much of code just to write it in Vue's style which could have been half the size of non Vue style code
  3. I built many Vue components from scratch because none of existing components would match my requirements, my clients want what they want, not what is possible in Vue and what is available in Vue
  4. And now my code is essentially a clone of Vue with different components and which is difficult to manage

JavaScript frameworks are not to solve all the problems, almost all frameworks/style of programming can solve all types of problems, one must carefully understand which patterns they have good experience at and then they must choose the framework.

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Mark Okoh Author

Thanks. You make some very good points.