re: What are your first ever projects that you worked on and what language were they in? VIEW POST

  1. Pascal, it was great start, nice verbose language to begin with, made Tetris game with.
  2. C, one step advance from Pascal, played with graphics, image rendering, keylogger, mostly helped everyone in the class with their projects on c.
  3. C++, starting of OOPS, built native windows app, mail server, http proxy tunneling, MFC apps.
  4. Java, got rid of blue screen errors with nice exceptions !!, built couple of websites, a shopping cart. Made couple of mobile apps in native Android.
  5. C#, better than Java with some advanced features, still working on it, server side on ASP.NET and ASP.NET core, mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms and more.
  6. Swift, hate it, only surviving due to iPhone popularity, language has some nice features but flow of logic isn't great. V(i+1) not compatible with V(i), requires you to rewrite code !!
  7. JavaScript, built web atoms with it, a UI framework that existed long before Angular, React and Vue.
  8. TypeScript + VS Code, love it, built web-atoms-core, a cross platform MVVM framework for JavaScript on web and on native mobile. This is the language I spend most time on it today.

Ah, so many languages, that's quite mouthful! :)

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