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I have built Web Atoms. This was built in 2010 when there were no frameworks, but never had chance to promote it actively, but our business network portal for hollywood is built on it.

Web Atoms is powerful MVVM JavaScript framework completely written in TypeScript, which can be extended to any other platforms. Currently supported on Web and Xamarin.Forms

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An Advanced MVVM Framework for JavaScript in Web and Xamarin.Forms

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Web-Atoms Core

Web Atoms Core is a UI abstraction framework along with powerful MVVM pattern to design modern web and mobile applications.


  1. Abstract Atom Component
  2. Abstract Device API (Browser Service, Message Broadcast)
  3. Theme and styles support without CSS
  4. One time, One way and Two way binding support
  5. Simple dependency Injection
  6. In built simple unit testing framework
  7. CommonJS module support
  8. Full featured MVVM Framework with powerful validation
  9. Single code base for Business Logic (View Model + Services) for Web as well as Mobile (through Xamarin.Forms)

Folder structure

  1. All views for web must be placed under "web" folder inside "src" folder.
  2. All views for Xamarin Forms must be placed under "xf" folder inside "src" folder.

Example folder structure

|  +--AddButton.svg
|  +--TaskListViewModel.ts
|  +--TaskEditorViewModel.ts
|  +--tasks
|     +--TaskListView.html
|     +--TaskEditorView.html

Example View Model

export class UserListViewModel extends AtomViewModel {
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