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DScan: Decentralized QR code generator chrome extension


DScan is a chrome extension that uploads the content to IPFS and generates decentralized QR codes. It is compatible with chromium-based browsers. Built by BUIDL Tools.


DScan allows you to quickly upload files as well as folders to IPFS by using and get a "decentralized QR code" with IPFS CID. Later you can share the QR code or hosted gateway link with everyone for easy and decentralized file sharing.

Benefits of DScan for file sharing:
✅ Decentralized storage
✅ Unlimited uploads
Fast upload speed (will take around half hour to upload upto 1GB of data)
✅ Permanent pinning ( helps to permanently pin your content)
✅ Zero compression
✅ Private (Share QR codes or links instead of original data)
Free to use
✅ User-friendly


DScan uses, basically it makes the content available over IPFS and permanently pins the content with the help of Filecoin infrastructure. Read more about and how it works here.
We have our separate DScan API Token on, it allows up to 1TB of content pinning, after that we can request more storage for our respective use.

After uploading the content to IPFS, returns a CID Qmeq5NxNX644KHNjiWWbWTJHE94BQrXpMDqW4hVNs1WHrk, which is a hash for an array of files stored on IPFS (for files {wrapWithDirectory: false}), and that later is combined with IPFS gateway link to access the content.
QR code is generated with the help of IPFS gateway link, which later you can scan.

Remember, anyone can access the content if they have your CID unless there is some encryption involved. So, make sure you save the CID securely for private uploading (we DO NOT recommend uploading confidential content). IPFS folks are currently working on the private network, read more about it here.

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Step 1: Install the extension from Chrome web store.

Step 2: Click on the "upload" button and select the file or folder you want to upload.
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Step 3: It'll show generated QR code, IPFS CID, and hosted gateway link.
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  • You can download the generated QR code and then, it's ready for scanning!
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  • You also have an option to copy the CID and gateway URI.
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Want to contribute?

Contributions are always welcome! Here are some issues to get started.


💻 Extension:
👾 GitHub:

Built by ~ BUIDL Tools
🌐 Website:
🐦 Twitter:

Have any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment down below.
Thank you!

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