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DHost: Publish static websites right from VS Code!

DHost VS Code Extension allows you to instantly publish static websites to IPFS by using

The idea was to build a decentralized dev tool that can instantly publish websites from VS Code without any third-party centralized cloud services. Now, with DHost you can publish and share your websites quickly right from VS Code with anyone in the world!

💻 Install extension from here

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  • ✅ Decentralized
  • ✅ Instant hosting (Publish your website with just 2 commands)
  • ✅ Unlimited uploads
  • ✅ Accessible to anyone
  • ✅ Permanent storage ( helps to permanently pin your content)
  • ✅ Secure (Share IPFS links instead of IP Address and host for development)
  • ✅ Free to use

DHost even supports build directory uploads (production build of the app made with react.js, vue.js, etc.)

Steps to use

Open command palette

  • Windows & Linux: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • MacOS: Command + Shift + P

1. Select the folder

Select the folder of your static website by command.

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After selecting the folder, the "Folder selected!" popup will appear.

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2. Publish to IPFS

Now, publish your static website by dhost.publish command.

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It'll take a few seconds to publish.

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After publishing successfully, it'll show the IPFS CID of your website and an option to open the website (IPFS gateway URI).

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If you have any queries, then create a discussion thread.


DHost uses, basically it makes the content available over IPFS and permanently pins the content with the help of Filecoin infrastructure. Read more about and how it works here.
We have our separate DHost API Token on, it allows up to 1TB of content pinning, after that we can request more storage for our respective use.

After uploading your website to IPFS, returns a CID Qmeq5NxNX644KHNji.., which is a hash for an array of files stored on IPFS, and that later is combined with IPFS gateway link to access the website.


💻 VSCode Marketplace:
👾 GitHub:

Built by ~ BUIDL Tools
🌐 Website:
🐦 Twitter:

Thank you!

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