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Discussion on: Component Libraries with Stencil.js - About Stencil

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Ankit Singhaniya

Did you try Svetle? It's not as popular but I read that it's good. Would love to know your thoughts.

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John Woodruff Author

I haven't personally tried Svelte, but I've seen comparisons posted on Twitter before. It doesn't look to me like they turn your components into full standards-compliant web components, which is the purpose of Stencil. It appears to just turn them into javascript code. I'm not sure if it uses web component APIs such as the Shadow DOM. It appears as though they have different goals.

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Bo • Edited

I just looked at Svelte, and looks similar to Vue, and I don't see a benefit of using Svelte over Vue.

Stencil (and Polymer and LitElement) work with web components, so they are not really frameworks, more like wrappers around existing web components API.