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Discussion on: Gatsby vs Next.JS - What, Why and When?

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I can answer question 2. Gatsby is not suitable for this. It is a dynamic website in every way. Unless you use nift or hugo it is not even a possibility. You see in normal static site generator a user would update a file and wait a few minutes for the site to build. But in this site the user expects the tweet to be visible to everyone instantaneously. The reason I do not recommend gatsby is that a small site takes around 2 seconds to build on netlify. You could run a dev server in hugo and which updates when a change is made and since hugo can build in milliseconds you could do that as a mini project and the site will reload automatically. But if traffic increases you will need to lazy load everything since the html file is extremely large so use next. If you really wanna use gatsby follow this guide and make sure there is not much activity.

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Stanley Suen

Thanks. I was hoping for something simple for this rusty programmer to build something amazing but deep down I kind of know Gatsby is not the solution. Anyway, it's not Gatsby's fault but mine unrealistic requirements.