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XPanel #3: Reworking

Everything bad... -.-' finish fast this post and continue..

  • Learnt about the forms verify system and I changed it from my previous work.

  • Clean the character claim app cause aaaaaaaaaall the logic was there and I create a file to let in views only the views.

  • Generate the claim codes function, this function asigns it to one user or update the record in db if user had one claimcode yet, but not change the claimcode in that case.

  • Check if character claim requested exist.

  • Optimize and code "correctly" the claim code verify system, the function what check if claim code exists in short bio area in game webpage char profile, delete claim code record if its found.

  • Create a ninja github account to begin documentate backend workflow with the gihhub wiki system and update it.



  • Spend a looooot of time reading django documentation cause feeling Im not doing correctly the things,... Im slow..

  • Next day I didnt wrote all what I did in my notes system, so I dont remember :) But it was 12hours learning / rewritting code / learning / writting / thinking about...

  • Next next day... continue learning django docs,... And prepare my db design to many-to-many relations with custom tables to increment the relation data.

  • Learn about custom managers and when and how comunicate with this and from this.

  • Chaaaaaaaange my code to correctly use the managers.

  • Implement the organizations, organizations ranks, relation between organizations and characters (with more info like ranks) and characters model, this models was going to change a lot of time later XD

  • Rethink about the possible cheats from players and prepare functions to prevent the cross character between accounts when its not legitim for example.

  • Update the documentation...

  • Next day.. finish at least with some internal points, verify all the functions workflow, fix some problems.. update the documentation about all this changes...

  • HAPPY! The game company set one tweet anouncing something really good for the game experience and what will do more viable my project existence, if the server in game resets, the players will not lose the actions and the charge or items what they was doign! :)


  • Talk about with multiple organization players groups about the features, and the possible activity templates, try to think in different problems ingame.

  • Start the activities app, thinking about how I'm going to implement, talking with some other devs in twitch about the possible use of some technologies,.. and trying reunderstand the logic of the db what I designed WITHOUT NOTES :)

  • Prepare some of the modules needed to create activities, template activities, roles, queues, etc...

I wanna play :/

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