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Discussion on: How Our Obsession With the Future is Destroying the Web w/ Maciej Ceglowski

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Alan Languirand

Here's the thing - nobody actually got rid of the old stuff. If you spent a ton of time leaning Wordpress, you can still build things on top of it. If you leaned how to browserify your angular 1.4 project with sass and bootstrap 3 in 2014, you still build great stuff with that stack.

I learned things hacking on Node 0.10 and 0.12 that are still valuable in node 8. All the cool kids export {thing} as default these days, but shhhhh, don't tell anyone but module.exports = thing is still there and works fine.

Chasing the latest and greatest is a choice. Yes I think we should all keep our skills up to date, but there is room for mastery on top of proven patterns and NOT using every project to learn a new technology can free you up get better at what you already know.