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That's what I've started to do since I started blogging and writing again last year. I think people should always own their own platform and post their content there first and foremost.

Far too many people have found they relinquished control of their content to Facebook etc. and a lot of their work is essentially being held hostage on those platforms now. If they should ever go under, it's all gone too.

Syndicating to the likes of DEV and Medium is a great middle ground in that you can reach a wider audience as Peter says and get involved in discussions with the excellent community on here. Best of both worlds.


It does sound like best of both worlds, and I'm glad it's an encouraged behavior.

Btw, I find your blog super interesting. And looks like we share the love for SQL and business lessons from Basecamp :-)


Glad you enjoyed the blog. Without SQL and pilfering ideas from Jason Fried and DHH I wouldn't have had a career!

Redash looks really interesting by the way, I'll definitely be checking it out more.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Redash after you give it a try. Feel free to subscribe on our hosted platform. Send me your account name after signing up and I will mark your account as free. (my email is arik at redash io)

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