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I hear you on the "staying on brand" problem. I started writing for my own site again last year after a LONG lay-off. Like you with accessibility, I wanted to concentrate on writing about analytics and putting some of my experiences and knowledge down for folks looking to build their own data careers.

There are a lot of other topics I'm interested in and want to write about from time to time though. I run a fitness studio with my wife. I want to write about entrepreneurship. I've worked in banking for 12 years and I'm very interested in personal finance. I sometimes just want to write about a topic that I've read about. Or books I've read. Or football. And all of that in one place would dilute the analytics material.

So after a few months I decided to split the analytics material out onto it's own site and focus on that over there. And I kept my own personal blog for anything else I felt like writing about. It does mean I've now got two sites to keep up with but I feel a lot happier with the mental divide between the two sides.

Now I just have to keep sitting butt in chair and writing.


That's awesome! Yeah, I don't have a separate site for my other interests, but my Instagram is where I talk a bit more about my other interests like beauty and weightlifting. It's more personal than professional interest.

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