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It depends on what expectations the callers expect. Do they want to see it succeed or does it not matter. If it does not matter a consumer can issue a callback when processing of the request is finished. Is it ideal to know if it is completed? If your app is waiting for that to complete before moving on to another step maybe there will need to be a different option.


Yes as a caller we need to know that the request is completed.
My app is actually waiting for a response to move to another step of the transaction.
With the current timeout problem, we are losing complete transactions since we have no sucessfull response from the API.


Is this a public end user making the call or is it an internal business person?

It's a public user, and through our service he reach the external API to make the transaction, and by its end we need yo present him with a response


In this case, you might want to look into the Saga pattern?

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