My First Online Testing Conference

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Today I am attending the OnlineTestConf a free testing conference between 11/27 to 11/28 2018. So far I have attended two sessions. One Automation Quality by Louise Gibbs and The Science of Testing by Thomas Haver.

Automation Quality

  • Choose which tests bring the most value for automation
  • Improve manual testing by benefiting from automation wins
  • Report success metrics

Science of Testing

  • Testing is the scientific method
  • Apply rigor to your exploratory testing
  • Report your results and have peers review how you are testing
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Don't be a mockup developer

Many times as a mobile developer I have to work on apps without the API ready that was crucial for the feature I was implementing. Either the backend was developed by another team that was not entirely in sync with us or our backend team had no chance to implement those endpoints earlier. For this reason, I was not able to satisfy the Definition of Done but it does not mean that I have implemented the UI only.

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