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Discussion on: Being a good programmer vs. Having a good health

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Alan Solitar

For people who live really sedentary lives, it's much harder to get them to go the gym. I was like this previously.

What I've done is make it very easy and convenient for myself to get in quick bursts of exercise.

For example, I keep a pair of weights next to my desk. I also, because I work remotely, have an exercise mat permanently rolled out on my floor. Whenever I see the mat, it sends me a subtle signal that I should do some exercise.

Because I have the tools in front of me, it's very easy for me to just do five minutes of bicep curls or of you sets of push ups and crunches.

In fact, this was kind of a gateway for me. After about 6 months of doing this, I started craving more exercise and do in fact go to the gym regularly.

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Iren Korkishko Author

This is a good advise, Alan! Thanks so much!