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Scaffold Fall Protection Equipments

Suspended platforms can make working at a height much easier. The modern platforms can even remove the need for climbing up and down over and over again, taking small sized tools along. There is no need to lug larger equipment and materials up to a big height.  This can improve the safety of a worksite. It is often necessary to use scaffolds for accessing areas that are tough to reach, for numerous construction activities. Know about the kind of fall protection systems that are needed while working on a scaffold.

Full-body safety harness

The first line of defense, its use will be based on the kind of work that you are entrusting your workers with. It needs to be able to support an individual having a combined weight – that of body weight and tool – of 310 pounds. It should be used along with a deceleration device and an anchorage device. You can find online guides that can help you to pick the best kind of safety harness for your workers.


These are devices which can safely connect the anchor and the harness. Lanyards may be 2-feet webbed ones as well as 50 feet SRL. You can find lanyards of various forms, and each of these has a particular purpose. There are many resources online on fall protection lanyards that you may check.

Cable lanyards are best in operations in corrosive or hot ambiences, but shock absorbing systems need to back these up. For work environments having less than 2 feet of fall hazards, Web lanyards are the best. When there is a need for more flexibility, Rope lanyards should be used – as these come with elasticity.

Suspension belts

These may be used for supporting the body weight of workers as they need to vertically adjust their position or carry out different types of activities while hanging. These are quite commonly used in most countries today.


They should also be dressed in PPE or Personal Protective Equipment - such as gloves, safety helmet, safety glasses and protective boots, and be aware of all the safety procedures that are in place. Also ensure that the scaffolding is good in construction. When you have gondolas with a proper construction, it can be easier to maintain safety while working.

Get the best fall protection systems and safety platforms and make your workers feel safer as they go up the height.

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