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I am the kind of guy that panic and get nervous easily. Once I took a very simple coding problem for an internship, but failed miserably. I panicked in front of 2 engineers that were watching me trying so hard on a simple problem.
A friend of mine got through the internship screening while I did not.
I told him I had failed and he genuinely thought I would pass the tests easily.
Long story short, I got an internship in another company as a mobile developer with flutter. He worked as a quality assurance making test cases, automation tests, etc with java. He told me work was hard and frustrating. For me, work was quite enjoyable as I really like learning new things. I handled problems that have nothing in common with coding problem tests. He handled stuffs that had nothing to do with the tests he took.

I guess some people just cannot stand those kind of tests, even though they can be just as capable as those who can.

In my opinion, learning competitive programming can be a big lesson for any developer. It may help you to think in a different perspective, while also helping you make optimized codes.

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