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Hi Stephanie, I shared a little of my experience and thoughts here, on another post: dev.to/ale_jacques/comment/115o0


Thanks Alexandre! Definitely interesting to get your perspective. (Also glad to see your consultancy employs Scrum.org professionals; I recently passed the PSM-I assessment. :) )

In your post, you mentioned the following:

Having said that, we do have clients (most of them), even non-IT ones (where IT is not their core business) that we are successful on applying agile methodology.

What are some characteristics these clients share? In other words, what are some qualities that companies who successfully apply Agile have? I know this is as much as a mental shift as it is a process/systems one.


I can surely state: open mindset. The client company, as a whole, must be open to change the way they work, the way they think about their business.

These companies understand that the market is not stable anymore and that they need to be fast and flexible enough to be able to keep afloat, to inovate.

Of course, some clients are resistant to change things internally. Our job is to try to make them see the benefits. Unfortunately, we're not always successful.

This is very insightful; thank you so much again for your response. 🙏🏽

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