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Hello, I found your article incredibly fitting with myself. I usually lose interest in things when I understand their pattern; once the surprise is over, the fun is no more. I feel like I need to go every time on new roads, to discover, learn, experiment, taste new feelings. This gives me incredible energy on fresh starts but dangerous falls once into the new path- I am trying to get more balanced, too! Thanks for the nice point of view, I never found someone talking about it :) If you are Italian(it may be, from your name) un saluto da qua! Or, if not, greetings from Italy!


ciao. si. italiano. di Milano. ma vivo ad Amburgo da 5 anni. :-) tu?


Grosseto, Toscana. Ma abito qua a Bergamo, sono espatriato anche io :) auguri per tutto!

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