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re: for the sake of completeness, if we were interested in the total sum and are not concerned about making our code follow functional programming meth...

That single line explained more of map-filter-reduce than the articles I've been reading has! Not directed at the author, to be clear, it was a genuinely great article--I just have been puzzling over it because something has been tripping around in my brain and BAM, this comment did it. My bachelor's is in math and so the map-filter-reduce descriptions sounded so close and yet so far to what I kept almost thinking and that particular one-line tripped the right memory circuits!


Is there something I missed that I could have done better?

I tried to make it as simple as possible, and I'm sorry if it did not simplify things for you.

No, not at all! I tried to make that clear, and failed. Your article was wonderfully written--it's just a topic that I've been chewing on for awhile and has eluded me, and that random one-liner reminded me of past math classes and was the final link, as it were. I really loved your piece!

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