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Reinvent the wheel. Perfect for stuff like this. Look at apps you like or sites you like and implement them yourself. Simple text editor in a browser, stuff like that; it doesn't have to be some amazing brand new concept.

You mention todo apps -- have you made more than one? What about making a series of them for different purposes or audiences? What about a todo app aimed for people playing video games to track quests? or a todo app specifically for code? It sounds like that's a schema you like playing with, so I say, rock that!


I have been wondering about this. There are few apps, like editors in a browser, that I've seen and thought "if only I thought of that"

And, for todo apps, there's so much nuances between simple todo to a project manager, to trello board like.

But I always felt that the next project has to be a) unique and b) completely different in genre to the previous.

Thanks for this comment.


Nah. I feel like half the time too, starting one project is how I end up discovering what really draws me and what I want to work on--while working on my last PHP assignment, i kept coming back to this idea in my head over and over and starting that, so as soon as the semester was over I started some other project and went... oh hey, getting pulled this way again, let's just follow it!

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