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YES! Don't be afraid to dive in and break stuff. (On side things for learning. Not work stuff.)

If I have a thing I am learning at work I want more practice on, I make something related to that topic and let myself break it and twist it and do whatever I want with it in my free time. (I am someone who is always coding outside of work, so as far as I'm concerned it's a double win. I'd be less inclined to suggest this to someone who didn't already code outside of work, because then it's more like working-outside-of-work.)

I just don't learn well super linearly. I can sort of follow an outline, but I still need to basically jump to the end and work backwards and break everything as I go, so that when I learn it correctly I understand why those are correct, etc. I've had teachers gawk, one in particular who basically said (as he could see the commits etc) "You should slow down, you will have to rewrite most of that." to which I went "Yup, I know!" and indeed did have to rewrite most of it -- and learned infinitely more from it.

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