How should I save my blog posts in order to appear as a search result in google?

Alex on March 26, 2020

I want to create a site where I can write some blogs. I don't know how should I save them. If someone search something like "how to do something", ... [Read Full]
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depends on your level of experience and time budget.

experienced /w a lot of free time - go the full stack route: backend and frontend. Recommendation: NextJS which sits on top of React for the front end because it comes bundle with SSR - server side rendering which is a must for good seo. React will fetch your blogs from the backend. Recommendation: NodeJS(server runtime), ExpressJS (web framework), and MongoDB or postgressql (database). I would pick mongodb with an ORM like mongoose since you are using javascript which pairs well with json style database.

a little experience, but not a lot of time - use gatsby, a static site generator. you can store your blogs as markdown files and use graphql with the help of a few plugins to read from the blog files and display them on the page. Recommendation: get familiarized with gatsbyjs.org/tutorial/ . Once you are well acclimated , look at the blog starter gatsbyjs.org/starters/gatsbyjs/gat... which will help you quickly start your blog.

Pros and Cons:
Full Stack: + full control over blog website + gain an in-depth understanding of web developments (not just cool frameworks like React an Node, but also how http request works)
-time consuming
-longer delay to get content to your user since you have the overhead of managing all aspects of your website

Static Site(Gatsby) + fast + easier to learn + quick to implement + no backend +

  • the site is static - requires a build to update new content

Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!


(Really sorry for my bad english)Hmm, I am not so sure if I am an experienced developer or not, I can give you my github link github.com/Alex-dev02?tab=projects in order to and take a look to my projects: let's chat(chating website, build from scratch without any framework, I used pure js, php and xampp, I didn't finish it because it had a lot of secure problems, but I invested a lot of time in it) and invc(i used laravel in order to crate something for school with some math lessons but there was too much content to write so I stopped, I was too lazy(lazy to write some math lessons)). I have a lot of time cuz I am in highschool and due to covid-19 I stay at home. I think that I should choose the experienced with a lot of time version, what do you think?


there is no right answer. just whatever fits the situation the best. There might be better options that i have not even listed. Advice: figure out what you want to achieve, and then research ways to do it. From personal experience, I wanted to build an app, so I needed to figure out what technologies were available and pick the ones that will get the job done. Sometimes figuring out what technologies to use is the hardest step in development; it sets the stage for the rest of your development process. Therefore, do more research. Chances are, someone else has already built something similar and was generous enough to detail what technologies they used to build it.

Most important of all: Just start doing it. Don't get caught up in what is the latest and greatest because those will change all the time.

the reason I suggested gatsby was because it was easy to learn and I noticed other people using it to build their blogs.

Ok, I will try to find the best technologies for me. I want to create a website where you can learn basics of programming from scratch with a payed subscription(those won't appear as a google search result) and this site will also have a blog(those with appear as a google search result) section where I can write some things. Thanks a lot for your tips.


If you're going to use Laravel, then just use Blade template engine and don't care about SPA/SSR, since it's by default would be generated on the server side, just don't forget the mighty meta tags! Also use OG meta tags.


And also, do I really need a .com domain? Or is just a matter off preferences?


Doesn't matter, tbh. Just make it's purpose clear.


Yep, I am using Laravel, thank you for advice, it looks like I have a lot to learn :))


I believe database or static page doesn't matter to Google or Web Crawlers, but

Meta tags are required.

Hash routers and SPA make it harder for Google.

In general, database or SSR or static page make it easier for Google.


Oh, ok. I will take a look, thanks!


You might also take a look at Google Search Console.

Thanks, I will take a look on it too!

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