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How to Get Started Building Cool Projects When You Are Super Busy

In this post, I want to share some things I found really useful to keep me on track for my side projects. I have been fortunate to be able to work on my open-source projects even though deadlines from work keep taking over my life. I am helping people all around the world with my project and hopefully more to come soon.

Stop comparing yourself to other people

You won't have as much time as they have and you really don't know their situations. So stay focused on actionable items. What can you do today? It does not matter how big or small. What matters is doing something, anything!

Be patient

Since you will be moving at your own pace and doing new things. You need to be patient because you are going to take more time the first time around. Get used to waiting, you can exercise that like a muscle.

I do this on weekdays by delaying my coffee breaks with glasses of water and then indulging in coffee when I get sick of waiting.

Google everything

It's okay to not know 🙂 That's why you gotta search for the information. Instead of guessing, look up what somebody else has done and try to gain from their knowledge.


Remember the three T's.




About Me

My name is Alexander. I am a web developer by day. During my off-time, I am an open-source developer on a mission to build helpful tools to help people in their learning journeys.

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Thank you for reading and as always happy learning 💙

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