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Discussion on: Learn Kubernetes, part III scaling my app

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Alexandru Simandi • Edited on

Great tutorial first of all. Really catches the essence
I am sorry to say but for us AKS is totally not production ready. Everything felt unprofessional from azure's side. Problems with version upgrade, problems with networking, expired certificate on service principal that got set to null, missing pvs, their support had no idea what was going on half of the time we were asking for support.
Overall it just didn't feel like a self managed service provided by a serious player in the cloud industry.

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Chris Noring Author

Hi Alexandru. Really appreciate this feedback. Are you able to tell me how long ago this was?

Happy to talk this through with you. It's pretty much my job to ensure that the product teams get this information so we can improve the product. :)

In short.
What would make you give it another try? What are the features that needs to work great for you to use it?