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Discussion on: Scrum Got 3 People Fired From A Software Project!

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Alex Bender

Hello Jayme!

Your podcasts are really interesting. Thanks for that.
I guess that you have something to share on this topic:
"What should I do when the CTO is a very bad software developer and always submits bad code but loves to code?"
Do you have any thoughts, or is that topic any good for an another video?

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Jayme Edwards 🍃💻 Author • Edited

Hey Alex!

I'd be weighing a bunch of things in a situation like that, and I've been on a consulting engagement where there were similar dynamics.

But a few primary ones for me would be:

A) If the CTO is open to being coached, am I willing to go through the trouble of building a relationship with them so I can help them be a better developer?

B) If the CTO isn't open to being coached, can I do my job without being bitter if they are making things harder for me that I can't influence?

I'm sure you'll make the right decision for your unique path. That's tough.

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Alex Bender

Thanks Jayme! Yeah, I hope that I will.