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Alexis Benamar

Great article, it's nice to always have a choice.

But, I don't agree with your last statement about ugly code, as markdown offers syntax highlighting as a built-in feature. You just need to add the language you used in your code snippet next to the first triple backticks at the top. (You can find the right name for your language on numerous markdown help pages)

For example:

const hello = (name) => {
    console.log(`hello, ${name}`)

will render as:

const sayHello = (name) => {
    console.log(`hello, ${name}`)

PS: there are many bullet points where the bold text isn't properly rendered because the closing ** sticks to a word, you might want to check it out 👍

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Markdown is amazing. I like this.

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David MM🐍 Author

I didn't know. I'm going to update the OP.