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Discussion on: Why I hate coding challenges in the hiring process

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Alex Parra

Personally going through this process.
I too think most of the challenges I’ve been presented have little to do with real on-the-job work.
By far, the very best I’ve seen so far has been by Woven (via Qualified) where the two problems presented do in fact mimic real case you might face on-the-job, (investigate a bug with little info on a small code base that could be just about any app and communicate with your peers about the findings + finish developing a feature that is half way and again could be part of just about any app).
And don’t get me started when the position is frontend and the tests are completely unrelated.
As you I do understand the goal of testing problem solving skills but most of the scenarios seem so off real life that it’s unreal.
Maybe we’re wrong...

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neoan Author

Yes, it's fair to mention the good examples and I would have had an example as well. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name. But they had a 2 hour screen sharing session where you checked out actual applications and debugged them.