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Discussion on: Debugging Azure Static Web Apps in VS Code

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Alex Weininger Author

It looks like there are some issues with debugging Vue.js in VS Code due to how Vue.js generates source maps.

There is a snippet about that here on the VS Code docs:

Note: There are currently issues with the sourcemaps generated by vue-cli, which cause issues with the debugging experience in VS Code. See

Debugging works for me, however I have to set breakpoints from the Chrome devtools, which is not the best experience.

You could also try this VS Code Vue.js debugging recipe:

I've created an issue on our repository:

Feel free to add more details/input on that issue.

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Victorio Berra

I created a vue.config.js and put the following in it:

module.exports = {
    configureWebpack: (config) => {
        config.devtool = 'source-map'
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And it kind of worked, breakpoints worked but they would only be created at the end of methods. So definitely seems to be a source maps issue.

Thanks for the reply!