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Discussion on: CSS-only horizontally-scrolling cards with snapping

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Allan White Author

Part of the rationale in my mind (which this conversation is helping clarify!) is to 1.) enhance the touch experience and optimize for the touchscreen context, and 2.) provide a decent layout for desktop. On wider viewports, my original plan was to simply be able to see all the cards (which of course, only works if you have a small number of cards).

What's interesting is this reveals how affordances for mouse users pull us into Carousel territory, with arrows/buttons for navigation, or other means of navigating. Then we're in JS territory (not bad of course) for interactions. I'll admit I've implemented carousels (in the trenches with you, Jeremy!) but not designed them from the ground up.

At the least, looking at say, Netflix's examples, it makes sense to have some arrows at the end of the rows to go back and forth. Progressive enhancement.