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re: Thanks for the feedback, Allen! Point by point: Got it! Also got it! Can do! I didn't finish my program, due to class availability/scheduling/dat...

You should still include your school in there. No one is going to ask if you finished or not. It's useful to see that you did go to school and have a formal education in development.

I consider SQL and MongoDB to be database technologies, not back-end technologies. What are you writing your API controllers in? I expected to see something like java or .NET in there. Node can be used as a "back-end" language in a BFF pattern, but I wouldn't consider it a back-end language.

Now for the context of a strict full stack WEB developer, you're probably right, Node would suffice as a back-end language. If you were marketing yourself as a full stack developer (not web) then I would expect something entirely different.

You might get a second opinion on my thought here, I typically interview full stack developers and not web developers, so my knowledge might be a little off :)

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