First App with Spring Boot

allenwipf profile image Allen Wipf ・1 min read

I recently started learning about Spring Boot. I've found it to be quite different then the two frameworks i've worked with so far:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sinatra

It's far less expressive I've found. It also seems to be difficult finding any tutorials if you want to use just a text editor and command line. (I use Sublime)

First I learned a bit of Java. I found this guy on Youtube who is really thorough. He does start out really basic so what I did is skip some stuff here and there and play the videos from 1.5x to 2x speed :)

Learn Java Programming

After I learned a bit about Java, the best Spring Boot tutorial found was on the Spring Boot website.

Whether you use Gradle or Maven, I found I could only compile and run the build if I set up a wrapper. A quick google search should show you the command line prompt for both options. I believe the "Spring Boot with just Java" link mentions this for Gradle specifically.


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