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I believe that you have covered all the touch points required in order to fulfill the task.

However, like most programming books, it may be a good idea to filter your audience beyond your experience. For example, if I don't have git loaded or have seen git GUI or know how to get to my workstation command prompt, then where do I begin? Is this article for me or someone more advanced? In other words, are there any pre-conditions that must be met before continuing to reading the blog.

As in SOPs, often there are pre-reqs or conditions that must exist prior to completing the next step in sequence or task. What do those conditions look like when they are completed properly and incorrect, prior to moving forward.(visuals)

Highlight, as you did, the risk prior to and consequences of completing a task incorrectly. What to do if it happens. What to do in order to get back on course.

What happens if you get GOT trying to Git?

I like it because your pace and language is relaxed and not intimidating. That is BIG, considering I'm not a big Git user.

Today a blog. Tomorrow a book or whitepaper.


Thanks for the detailed feedback. In one of my next posts I'm going a bit backwards and go over how to configure Git as well as how to create a repository.


Second everything here.

...and taking notes from both author and commenter for MY posts...

scribbles notes emphatically

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