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More often than not, they operate on various projects, rarely overseeing just one project.

This is a bit surprising to me - in my experience I've just seen project managers managing one project.

It makes sense to me that they should manage multiple projects though. How many projects do they manage on average? Have you ever had too many projects to manage at once - what was that like? How many projects were you managing at the time?


In our organization, we typically juggle 2-3 projects at a time. I honestly find it quite refreshing to be working on a couple of projects at the same time. It allows me to see different angles through which I can approach other projects. Sometimes, working on a project all day long can be a bit overwhelming imo.


Thanks for the response, interesting.

You have a typo in your bio btw, "Momchil, Marketing Manager at Codeginat". I think you want to say CodeGiant :D

Thanks for the heads-up, will fix that

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