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Medsy - React Medicine Ecommerce Template with Google sheet & Next JS

Medsy is a React Medicine Ecommerce Template with Google sheet, TypeScript & Next JS. Create your medicine store with our rich tech choice. Our super-fast E-commerce template is made to help anyone start their very own online store at ease, built with React, NextJS, Typescript & Tailwind CSS. Grow your business faster with our unified platform that is easy & quick to use. Use Google Sheet to run your business. Add your products to your google sheet -> show it in frontend -> get your orders in another google sheet. It is as simple as that.

Medicine, being one of the key essentials of our lives – particularly during this pandemic, is a product that will always be in demand. While the current global crisis is wreaking havoc on traditional brick and mortar stores, E-commerce however, offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to address this demand for medicine through a virtual marketplace and still generate sustainable revenue at a time when traditional businesses are struggling just to survive.

Why Medsy

Where to start though? E-commerce templates are a dime a dozen these days. There is no lack of niche templates, including medicine E-commerce themes either, each vocally touting its own features as the very best in the market. Within this loud noise, it can be difficult to identify the right choice for your pharmaceutical business. In the race to get more traction, most medicine E-commerce developers seem to forego a basic aspect of product development – functionality within simplicity. This is exactly where Medsy makes a difference.

Google Sheet Integration

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Spit out jargon like coding language, back-end, admin dashboard, inventory overhaul and you are bound to daunt people. However, spreadsheets are common, every day tools that even students use. Medsy combines the simplicity of Google Sheets with the power and functionality of React and Next JS platforms to offer perhaps the easiest way to maintain and update your product repository as well as keep track of orders. Simply update your inventory list on Google Sheets and it will show up on the front-end. Again, once orders keep coming in, Medsy will auto populate another Google Sheet with the list of pending orders and make life easy for you. In this aspect, Medsy is indeed one of a kind and using it is really that simple!

Highly Customizable and Versatile

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Medsy, built using the Tailwind CSS, is highly customizable. You can add upon the pre-built template and modify the design to your satisfaction without ever having to change the core HTML code. Whether you want to add/ remove features or implement your own ideas, it all can be done very easily.

Another aspect is that it is very versatile and is developed to be deployed on any hosting service. Whether GitHub, Vercel, Firebase or any other platform really, its makes no difference – just choose what is right for you and you’re all set!

Multiple Responsive Designs and Regular Updates

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Medsy is designed to be fully responsive on all devices – be it PC, smartphones or tablets. On top of that, it has three layouts – Modern, Classic and Minimal – one of which is bound to cater to your needs. All these designs are efficient and intuitive to use, for both yourself and your customers. Further to this, as stated above, Tailwind CSS integration means you can customize further according to your needs.

Adding to this icing is the fact Medsy will have regular updates that will be adding new features and improving upon the original designs and inclusions. This, coupled with constant support from the developers mean that you’ve got all you need to start setting up your medicine shop online craft table.

Timing, as they say, is of the essence; particularly in this pandemic when we need to do all we can to stay afloat. So get an edge over your competition and check Medsy out now!

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