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Discussion on: Javascript - Object is loopable too??

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Atif Aiman Author • Edited on

Some API, they prefer putting keys as something that represent the object, such as this

  "Atif": {
    age: 11,
    pref: true,
  "Aiman": {
    age: 21,
    pref: false,
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This way, backend can do a better indexing for more data processing. Though I am somewhere 85-92% agree of what you said, some of them had their reason. Though supposely when dealing with API to the frontend, I do favours array of objects instead.

Cheers 😎

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Chad Naz

Good point. The only apis that return object of objects are old, outdated, and or not maintained in my experience. Which backs up your point - old technology might have needed faster indexing on the backend doing this but now a days just gimme the damn array. 😁